Ron Tzin |

Senior Partner

Mr. Tzin is an expert on planning and zoning law, with over 20 years of experience in advising clients from the governmental sector as well as public companies and commercial clients on a wide range of infrastructure, real estate, construction and environmental projects.

Mr. Tzin specializes in planning and zoning, infrastructure, construction, Contract Law, expropriation, Administrative Law, Municipal Law, Environmental Law, representation and appearances before various tribunals, courts, committees, governmental and administrative tribunals. Mr. Tzin accompanies infrastructure projects as well as residential projects and commercial construction.

Mr. Tzinhas a vast experience in handling high-profile planning and environmental conflicts that require multidisciplinary approach through the courts and through regulatory, statutory and governmental process, in conjunction with media advisors. Mr. Tzin has led the well-publicized dispute regarding the removal of fish farms from the Gulf of Eilat, and took part in unique projects that involved open-mining in the desert and projects of various nature along the sea coasts.

Mr. Tzin lectures in various conferences on planning zoning and construction projects. He is also the author and publisher of the professionally renowned blog “The Balcony” which deals with planning and zoning issues.

Law studies (LL.B) at the Tel Aviv University (1989) and LL.M studies at the Tel Aviv University (1997).