Hagit Helmer |


Ms. Helmer has over 15 years of experience in planning and zoning Law and Environmental Law. Ms. Helmer was the legal counselor of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (2003-2013) and continued her practice in the private sector.

 Mr. Helmer has a vast experience in representation and appearances before various tribunals, courts and committees. Ms. Helmer led complexed planning and environmental conflicts in conjunction with lobbying, media and academia, facing governmental offices, parliamentary committees and public organizations.

Ms. Helmer has dealt with various environmental issues such as shorelines, open landscapes, water infrastructure, water sources, maritime zones, agriculture and renewable energy. In the renewable energy sector, Ms. Helmer accompanied, as a sustainability manager, entrepreneurship of hydro and solar projects overseas (Africa, Chile, USA) and the construction, operation and management of solar projects is Israel.

 Holds a Bachelors Degree inLaw Studies (LL.B) at the Tel Aviv University (1999).