With a ten-strong department of highly qualified attorneys, we are one of Israel’s leading firms in the field of planning and construction, providing counsel to both the public and private sector.

In the public sector, we represent statutory corporations and municipal companies, including the Israel Airports Authority, as well as local planning and construction committees – acting either as internal legal adviser to the committees themselves, or as external legal counsel. In the private sector, our firm provides comprehensive advice and legal representation to contracting companies, various civil organizations of action committees or NPOs, and private developers.

Our department’s lawyers combine a finely-tuned understanding of various planning processes with rigorous legal expertise, enabling us to provide our clients with an unrivalled quality of service. Furthermore, our attorneys have been involved in dozens of precedents in the field of planning and construction, including many of Israel’s most prominent cases.

Our diverse client base and years of experience accumulated by the firm's staff in the field of planning and construction has led us to develop a number of specializations, providing our clients with an expansive scope of expertise, including:

  • Consultation at all levels of planning processes, including national outline plans, regional plans and local and detailed plans.
  • Consultation services to plan developers starting from initiation, throughout the various planning processes until the plan's approval.
  • Representation of clients in hearings before the various planning institutions, including objections to plan approvals, easements, etc.
  • Representation of clients throughout licensing processes, construction in shared buildings, easements and divergent uses.
  • Representation of clients in appeals submitted to appeals committees, including betterment surcharges and damages claims in accordance with Section 197 of the Planning and Construction Law.
  • Representation of clients in various legal frameworks, including petitions and appeals to the Administrative Court and the Supreme Court.
  • Representation of clients in criminal and administrative matters, including indictments for unlawful construction and/or use, judicial and administrative closing orders and demolition orders.