Our firm has established longstanding relationships with several municipalities, providing consulting and representation across a broad range of legal services in the following areas:

  • Municipal taxation, property tax, including consultancy, formulation of property tax orders, representation in legal proceedings (reservations, appeals), initiating property tax collection processes and collection from assessed parties.
  • Mandatory municipal payments, including development surcharges, infrastructure surcharges, road and sidewalk tolls, sewage excises, water taxes, and channeling excises. The firm also offers consultancy services, formulating by-laws, and representing the local authority in administrative processes in these areas (appeals, administrative appeals, etc.).
  • Class actions in the field of property taxes and excises (e.g. Betterment excise).
  • Legal counsel to local planning and construction committees.
  • Handling matters pertaining to municipality companies, including their incorporation and management, and legal handling of their affairs.
  • Administrative proceedings, as plaintiffs and as defendants (as required), including taking action on behalf of municipalities against government ministries with respect to by-laws, budgets, taxation, education, water, infrastructure, etc.
  • Civil procedures, as plaintiffs and as defendants (as required), including representation in contractual monetary claims, damages proceedings, proceedings in the field of labor law, and in all legal frameworks including courts, arbitration and mediation proceedings, etc.
  • Handling all legal proceedings related to Local Authorities and their management.
  • Consultation and legal services to municipalities' property tax appeal committees.
  • In certain cases, our firm serves as the municipality's “legal counsel” for all effects and purposes.

In all of the areas listed above, our firm offers legal assistance and represents private assessed parties - mainly commercial and industrial - before municipalities, particularly in the fields of planning and construction, property tax and excises.