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COVID-19 Update – December 21, 2020

22.12.20 | 08:35  

Concerns in Israel from the mutated Coronavirus spread, recently emerged in southeast England  and other European countries, have led members of the Corona Cabinet (“Cabinet”), convened today (21 December), to unanimously decide the implementation of a directive within 48 hours, imposing solitary confinement in a motel on those returning to Israel from abroad, while the entry of foreigners (non-Israeli citizens) to Israel "other than exceptions" will be prohibited. 

It was further decided that the returnees in the next 48 hours, before the isolation obligation turns effective, would be obliged with home isolation, and would be moved for inspection within 48 hours. Tested positive for COVID-19 among those returning from abroad at this time will be required to go into isolation in motels.

The decision will be valid for ten days and will be immediately brought to the approval of the Parliament. It was further decided that if there was a problem of accommodation in hotels, the Ministry of Health would be the one to set the priority and be able to send people for home isolation.