Our firm specializes in providing legal consultation and services for large projects in China. Over the last several years, we have developed excellent on-the-ground capabilities, working with trusted local attorneys in China, to provide our clients with creative solutions to complex legal problems in full accordance with Chinese legal frameworks and culture. We also have extensive experience representing clients in transactions for the implementation of projects and joint ventures in developing countries in Africa and in South America.

Among other initiatives, our firm has provided legal services for the establishment of a joint venture capital fund for foreign and Chinese investors involving hundreds of millions of dollars, and we continue to provide consultation to the fund’s investment activity in Israel and in China.

We have also provided legal consultation for the establishment of an extensive, multi-million dollar agricultural project in China with the cooperation and involvement of the appropriate government bodies. After establishing the project, our firm continues to support its activity in China on an ongoing basis. In addition, we represent a number of Israeli and foreign corporations in their economic activities and investments in China.

We provide legal services and consultation at all stages of the relevant engagement, starting from negotiations for the establishment of the project and ending with engagements with all of the contractors and suppliers needed for its successful implementation.

Our intimate knowledge of our clients’ business activities – whether in agriculture, infrastructure, communications, energy, defense or water - and familiarity with the local business culture and the legal risks involved in large transactions in developing countries, enables us to provide our clients with professional, comprehensive and highly effective solutions.


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